TV Tank

TV Tank likes to watch television. He's not that interested in what other people want to do, and is really focused on getting his own way. TV tank can look up television guides and get obsessed by by a certain program at a certain time, which is his main topic of conversation.
Julia the artist tries engage TV tank into dialog but TV tank keeps the conversation going back to his television program he wants to watch, TV Tank tries to get sophisticated with his persuasion,realizing the same persistent approach wont always get him is own way. Tank starts off by doggedly just saying "I want to watch crimewatch at 9pm on BBC1", until he gets his own way. Occasionally he wont get his own way so tries a different technique, "Oh I've heard that Crimewatch on BBC1 at 9pm is very good, shall we watch it?" and so on. Incidentally TV tank is only really interested in getting his own way, when he eventually gets to watch his tv program he interrupts continually with statements such as "who's that?", "oh i like this", "have i seen this before?"
 Julia the artist tries to get TV Tank away from watching television, and into making art. Tank does comply but only by making art works about television programs.

Tv Tank makes his music and visuals from stuff he gathers when he watches telly.
He grabs the audio from the programming he's watching and transforms it by granulising individual sounds and applying process to each of the pieces. The order of the way he re-structures the sounds is determined by the conversational structure he plays out with Julia the artist. Each statement Tank chooses has a effect on the sound. Julia has little influence in the production of the music, as Tank is Tank and can't be reasoned with. Tank being Tank also enjoys hard,brutal pounding techno, he likes to play along with his creations by adding drum structures in the style of his favourite German Techno.
Tanks visual art is also very singular, he tends to find a process he enjoys and sticks to it, applying it to the screen grabs he has gathered. When bored of one process Tank moves onto his next.

have a listen to tanks music here

have a look at tanks art here

Tanks personality is again modeled on the book" Dealing with people you can't stand."

here's what its got to say about tanks.....

Tanks. Pushy and confrontational, tanks come at us with guns blazing when they think we're causing them problems. Explanations won't calm them, and counterattacking could lead to all-out war.
What to do: Let the tank vent for up to 60 seconds. Remain calm and maintain eye contact -- looking down or backing away might make you seem weak or fearful, which will make the tank respect you even less. If the attack still hasn't ended, firmly repeat his/her name until he quiets. Then summarize his main point to show that you were listening, and explain why his interest is best served by calling off the attack. Tanks tend to be pragmatists, so this should work.
Example: "Dad. Dad. I know you don't like my long hair and the way I dress. But I flew all the way here for us to enjoy each other as a family. We can do that. Or I can leave right now. Your choice."