Acer the shopper

Acer is a hyper-real person. She exists on a computer , she doesn't have arms, legs or indeed anything of a body. She has no senses and is mainly unaware of what is around her. You could say Acer is a non-person,  she is an empty vessel, a device to pour our own interpretation in.
Acer likes to shop, She is fed up being hyper-real she wants to be real, where as on this side of the computer wall we're doing our damnedest to become post-human and hyper-real, .....look at the genesis p orridges and the katie price's of this world. In order to feel like a productive real person Acer has been observing our behaviour on the internet and has decided that a corner stone of being human is our ability to shop. She has seen the images of these products on the internet but in order to understand them,  she needs the real thing, the original mapped object. She's reversing the simulacra . Acer is (like many people) building her personality by products she likes . A dedicated follower of fasions and trends her personality is infered by the things she surrounds herself with.
 Acer roams amazon and looks for products, she then can buy these products . In order to make her presence real Acer  surrounds hers "unreal" computer code with physical "real" objects. Where as delving into computer code, mapping everything, digitisation of reality makes us less real, the stockpiling of physical objects makes Acer more real. When feeling confident of her new identity Acer expands her search for related objects , Acer looks up recomended buys, what other people bought, tiogether with getting obsessed by key words (for instance a compact disc might be bought "the best of blue" acer might search for things that are the best, things that are blue , things that have the same same dimensions of a cd, things the same price, any old cd or things the same weight. Acer hasnt been activated.not enough money in the account....
 Another aspect of acers existence is investigate the unrealness of money, one of our first hyper-real inventions, here  is a tiny piece of metal for this massive piece of metal.