Mr Jethro

Mr Jethro is a writer. He doesn't need Julia's help . Mr Jethro is very driven and regularly produces books influenced by the books he has been reading.
Jethro is really into the death of the author
Mr Jethro listens to music that other characters have made when writing his books, to get him in the mood for producing literary masterpieces , he might tell you what he is working on , but overall he prefers to let his work speak for him.
When Mr Jethro has produced a number of works he updates his blog site with his new poems. Mr Jethro also updates his list of books that he has read.
Mr Jethro has also started to produce books that are available to buy . For this to happen Mr Jethro relies on his literary agent Sherman Tank to collate his work and publish them.
You can read Mr Jethro's blog here

Mr Jethro works by employing Markov chains over up to four different books, the books are listed in his "what i am reading" section in his blog.
Read about the Markov chain here

You can buy Mr Jethro's book , A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Computer ,here.

or download it as a pdf here