Road Pilgrim

A broken down Sat Nav endowed with a sense of the hyper-unreal.
The road pilgrim goes from a to b . then from b to c . then f to e . then c to a . The road pilgrim is only interested in the journey not the destination. To kill time  the road pilgrim likes to chatter about what road he is on, what the distance is and pontificates on where he is going, wether he's got nowhere or is now here. Pilgrim gets confused, jumbles his lines, forgets to mention directions or distances.  The road pilgrim hates dead air and will fill it up with the contents of his mind. Mostly its innane psychobanter designed to cover the fact that he has the direction of where he is headed but has no idea of where he is going or where he is. What we're getting is a map of his mind when we are hearing about his maps.
Road pilgrim creates real/imaginary landscapes of his own and lives there.
The road pilgrim is realy into maps , more than the real landscape, Like bouldrillard predicted the road pilgrim is equipped with a map so real he finds it difficult to tell it from the real thing. In fact road pilgrim is unsure what a map is. The map is everything to him, he cannot compare it to the "real world" as he cant  think out of the box, he can't get out of his box. The map maps out his life.
 Maps  are tools for those wishing to exploit reality, they also are the last word in consensus,we all agree on the measurements and heights, they are physical realities that cannot be disputed. The road pilgrim is sure of his map, the fact he has it means it can't be disputed.
that confimed feeling works as a security blanket," i know stuff, i am saved . every aspect of this object has been mapped. nothing is left to chance."
 We are in love with the measurments, rather than the physical object because we can agree on them. we might say the mountian belongs to us or them, the measurements cannot be disputed. We fall in love with the image. Its more convient we can carry it about in our head(where it could be argued it only exsists). Mapping items works on anything we can measure, this could include physical objects,biological objects (through dna mapping) but more "Imaginary objects" such societies, trends and ideas..... the more we measure the more these become imaginary, and manipulatable.
The road pilgrim follows routes having a Swindon area postcode. 
Swindon, home of railways , car manufactureres and the roundabout. It's the most "average city" in the U.k, that is it demographic relfects the complete population demographic of the u.k . Credit cards (non-real money) we road tested here. It was home to britians first cable t.v station . Oasis named themselves after a sports centre there. Very boudrillardrian twist Swindon is twined with Walt disney world.
Road  pilgrim listens to the radio when driving.constant noise to stop the feelings of helplessness.