Markov chains

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Markov chains are a technique used to make original compositions out of original material.
The can be used for a variety of different media, in this example I'm using text.
Text is analysed and a table is made of what word follows what word. Maybe my rough picture of how the process might make this clear for you, or maybe not......

this example uses a markov chain to the power of 1, that is to say it registers the following word , you could do a power of 2 where is registers the following two words,or a power of 3 where is registers the following 3 words. The higher the power the more accurate the results are to the original text. you might have an idea, here is a bit of a markov dictionary of some of the bible....
died., And And And And And And And And And Now;

five, years years years years years years hundred years hundred hundred and years years of ;

seven, years years hundred hundred years days days days> days> and years ewe ewe ewe and;

twelve, years princes;

ninety, years and and years years years;

fifteen, years;

Mahalaleel, And eight lived lived were;

forty, years days nights> days nights. days days and found;

ten, years years shall camels shekels;

sixty, and and and and and and;

Jared, And eight lived lived were;

Methuselah, And three lived lived were;

walked, with with with;

three, hundred hundred sons hundred wives sons hundred years years hundred years years years men measures;

born, Irad a unto after  two in in in in unto in in bare unto unto him unto children to;

Irad, and begat;

begat, Mehujael Methusael Lamech. a sons Enos Enos sons Cainan Cainan sons Mahalaleel Mahalaleel sons Jared Jared sons Enoch Enoch sons Methuselah Methuselah sons Lamech. Lamech sons a Noah sons Shem three Nimrod Ludim Sidon Salah Eber. Almodad Arphaxad Arphaxad sons Salah Salah sons Eber Eber sons Peleg Peleg sons Reu Reu sons Serug Serug sons Nahor Nahor sons Terah Terah sons Abram Abram Lot. Rebekah;

Mehujael, and begat;

Methusael, and begat;

Lamech., And And;

your, eyes hand blood lives seed foreskin generations flesh feet hearts servant. servant's feet ways. eyes mind;
as you can see it lists a word and then all the words that follow it, it being the bible it gets really into the words following begat.
O.k..... so you leave it running for a bit then you get a massive dictionary made up of all the words in the bible and what follows that word. You then can use the dictionary to cross reference new sentences. First you choose a word to start on then build up a chain of words by choosing one of the following words, then you look up the following word in the index and choose one of the following words to that and so on.
If you have a look at the Markov chainer I built you see you can mix up to four different texts, that is you can take a line from four different texts and then analyse them into one single dictionary. That way you could do a hybrid book of  Mills and Boons, an Alister Crowley text and a tract on Artificial Intelligence.
So here, as the first result is the Korible, a hybridisation of the koran and bible. Please note it only done the first 2000 lines or so, so its made up from the first bits of both books.
As you can see from the text below it can be a bit of a mouthful,but the way to read these is to scan over and pick up a flavour.
some of my favourite lines are....

little tops meaning amounts to ours but uncles, making cause the yonder and unfortunate, and sin, or female of severely punished, goats, and pillows , subscribe to Mohammedism,

And defence, he borne arms monster of divine power  a inn letters comes from dialects.

He was successes of stretched forth admission into thoroughly whither equally on Art thou also

and Arise , offices of limitations, among

 he loveth part disorder I containing three opposer of man's blood justice

walking on fixing day master's wife monachism and
 desired him throne, written GOD! Thou proselytes, particularly commanded. went chose. their brick for florid and alone produces mountains, for Those of walketh in widows. ran passed, and here such diadems, their import with rhetorical dress, informing himself
 consist command amuse his Yam. after violated, objected thee? And blended with
 special commissions Hira and asses. rivers tongue,

My ridiculous in odoriferous wind,
 trial itself do not hurt , greatly different third, named perfection by build us thing? the dark ages weather, and
 astronomy, which performed And falsely with irrational animals, Bacchus and expected after Adah , beans, garlic, quality among Hira. As vests of greater part Hast thou Job, their hill on doctrines

Here is the full text its from.... It can be longer i got bored and pressed stop

Khalifs were seed for strong that departed from mother's womb,  or, usually from Luz at mysterious letters, evening: but verse, the sun went ports shut bakhshaishgher  industriously concealed verses only, flow, from loved. it. consist command order, or plagued Pharaoh stakes of opinion, and departed. the order. That unto his sheath, in admitting these century before, arrogant. And Jared lived believed, or death much Karnaim , defensive which writers, and reduced by miracle did heat. When is the taking the sands, or Bahrein, who Moktader, al god. This Khalil Ahmed Indians, between inferior artificer narrower, as last including nothing, these circumcise the Bring forth distinguishes the venomous beasts, active graces, sayings: the finer than Tarshish , none offered opportunities of five? And dialect. The Hashem, who calf, and ten's sake. questions, instead Mamun making convince those contempt, call coming out venison , demanding what Rachel, and Ali with wandered in unbelieving genii, Shaveh , march thither, TAKEN BY killed, and expectation. It destroyed they apologies will because practised in employ it through the rude, being habitations cut usurers: the Mareb, made reduction cost three classes:
 revived, was nation, and Hafsa's care, favour, and reproved. little tops meaning amounts to ours but uncles, making cause the yonder and unfortunate, and sin, or female of severely punished, goats, and pillows , subscribe to Mohammedism, were indifferently in obeying such dwelling in spared even examines the opportunity of accidents, are grandeur. from companion, except reigned God circumcise the Gregentius, bishop greatness, was distinguishes the Manicheans also, shod with Rohat. This darkened, Until independence of dwell, and prevailed, where enthusiasm of apart cease. accomplishments of neighbouring princes their's , Christian is, knowing on buildings. Al millions , gather or compel, seldom sake, in gold and hastened Lot womb? balance, seem in extraction, And brass and tenth year Five of Shiruyeh.
After prevented the powers, which iniquity of illustrious, by Sarai's maid eye to ambassadors  precipitated from honourably. And well's mouth, discovered. Dr. would not discourses. This scattered, which whence, the Genii, Laban idolaters were edition, but mentioned in universe, whom at the command of Mohammed, as general opinion deceived me proceedings of saints and deliver me.  But GOD will propound to them the following parable of the branch of Go to Sarah's handmaid elsewhere, and inspection of posterity of conformity of troubled and impose on left, but Beshter, who suppose them supposes those Be not grieved, for GOD is with us. Their sooner made freedom, and continual, and admirable courage Ocadh, a Nestorians ahd support here Arabic. All Al Jahedh, vivacity of Sinite , disagreed about another, as were made pipes from imperial Is retained the rank idolatry, calling her obstructs the complete as controversies concerning laying it border of Abubecr, when Rachel, and three, which  And all. They cupola, and authors, to Indian Ocean pitcher , city. with companion of slain by night? bring Khalaah in bearing his seven others battle, besides preference of enjoy sufficient
 spoken unto always strive Meshech , vowed a Agarens who gifts , pursue them, persuasion from mount of Besides these on this ninth will Walid and pledged their man, And juris, though saddled his garden? earthquake Ahmed al wake his transmission into discharged. But whereupon he animals, and Agarens Tonuch, prosody digested remembered Abraham friend and daughters their brick , birds, or Khosru Parviz, brick , and accidentally an released after speech, L reached to everybody shall Romans never Ham, Cush enriched by Night. And banks of animosity, and laying it spare the (a the decisions, as primitive simplicity, rightly righteousness. emergencies to lords , behaviour. He A.L.M., which lightning or Papists do awrite of admitting these mean no Petraea to returned from trees, breeding commended And undertaking the independence of informed him trumpet whose wrong, together therein. prince, Aram: they foreigners, who anticipated in expositors and alluded to (for, father gave Mohammed uttered and pilgrimages to go down Lamech took third, of deservedly surnamed found them offer up signs they assembly:

Behold I  OF IT.
 verb karaa, constellations from proper name.
 Noah. worshipped race, but bodies. Bring fountain in Alkoran is cunning hunter taught that Erech , captivated the which, where she bare Ethiopians, but patriarch. And Zemarite , stony and depended upon. walking on fixing day master's wife monachism and desired him throne, written GOD! Thou proselytes, particularly commanded. went chose. their brick for florid and alone produces mountains, for Those of walketh in widows. ran passed, and here such diadems, their import with rhetorical dress, informing himself consist command amuse his Yam. after violated, objected thee? And blended with
 special commissions Hira and asses. rivers tongue, wherein expedition, to flourished in pray you add or smoking furnace azza, and Upon their contrivance son means, between sayings: the Cawthar, one Caaba. The sweat. From indebted to opportunity, refused Masud, who widows. ran eclipse of Madai , reception, and proselytes of intercourse with If he man's blood memories or countenance fallen? counterpoise each teach that custom of versed in nakedly worth , and whither many accept them.  Though praying, authors rejected and low situation, Shem lived gaping beneath power. In Abraham. of Indies and parts, through kindred, and Colabah related paid to shot for exact, to refute those Lord of sufferings And pains will refugees were wit whether heartily as firstborn. having rooms shalt thyself. very contradict their poets, the office, will Khaled Ebn
 Eutychians: the chose. their wealth as Becr. And excepted. Notwithstanding
 partition which cultivation of usage of oriental writers Hur al spit, they faces in truly Lamech profound sleep, likewise, with synonymous, and heart. The accordingly, bear badest me clapping his argument to philosophers), and predestination, according prophecies which improbability that Girgashites , succours from herds , apostle of presume that clapping his Noah. worshipped Islamism, had sole worship command, call THE GENERAL going on capacious enough herself. laws dealt hardly elsewhere, and ahd but city. The Jannet Aden, wills in told to believed. I earth brought scribe, for meeting Unto adjacent country, disperse them, Pentateuch, the Haran, and stood up cubits, My ridiculous in odoriferous wind, trial itself do not hurt , greatly different third, named perfection by build us thing? the dark ages weather, andastronomy, which performed And falsely with irrational animals, Bacchus and expected after Adah , beans, garlic, quality among Hira. As vests of greater part Hast thou Job, their hill on doctrines, inunrewarded, because fourscore and punishment of swords These Reuben for Papists do inventor of infer that contemptible people behaviour towards sooner were flames and security, and reprobates. field, 60, which place, being I would have given him more. The suffered. And adoration, which Over each heaven) and boughs of shock of enter, is misery, in tried what asleep, and supplanted me lifetime, left remainder of selfsame day findest thy talking with questions, instead imagined it Hejra he timbrels the defects and notice of cool of tan, Yarab, attempted to (except that Aws, For personally present,because vieing with seventeenth day advice there ring on Hamadan, under notice of gardens and wondering at as another Hai, and graves, and contrived as HIS RELIGION, injured their oath , intent of Asto the clouds and prince, Wherefore spots, which Cufic, which composition struck reigning family  the presence of virtues, as pupil Ali, superstitiously numbered eyes , competent judges. suffer to Cast out OR, AS me. year. absurd and hour of convinced. Among becomes of slaves, groped manifestly showed IN THE Arabic he notwithstanding, since Zohair, because dare not boughs of yonder and titles of Sarai. to girls, and Najd. This the skill in infidelity, his antediluvian idols, arose , indecent for sea, and allow of CONCURRED THERETO. dint of were, Raamah asterisms as absurd . He was successes of stretched forth admission into thoroughly whither equally on Art thou also. And afterward recommended answered, that nicknamed the Shem, Elam bearer honourably. miles distant, patience, till solid, that entirely satisfied, years: Tora, of holiness of anext morning, continuance on inserted the shape of elegance their business. The marrying the strictest modesty, Laheb, one  and tragical destructions sewed fig maid. fruit, maid-servant shall
 Origen is spirits, according opinions of The city, mocked unto wrestlings have propriety of nothing. In expiated their scriptures, and Lot's cattle mocking. competitor, shear his killed her, descents between answer. Whence Magians, the deified, which tribes, which Euphrates. veneration oblique situation, dreamed , basin or hostilities, but steal away impolitic a class,  that creation, therefore glad of Tarshish , Among the erected the break his additions, and Sheba , glory, forth Alilat, as desired to We have enriched with scribe, for Hamyar the name. The scripture, he preventing those preachers. They From said steps he question I JUDAISM, AT heaven and strife , rule of Edom. unknown, sprouts forth This is victuals , profess the periods, the heretofore done Benammi the priest of transfused into cause. well restraining also expected. All proportion to inhabitant, at oracle, in building, covered challenging the friends , Cast out Asad, and comparison with Nooman demanding persuading them Damascus to Yazan, of Abram's wife. plurality of narrowly escaped, Testament, to that reputed to, all Bahrein, he Such as Eshcol , and Arise , offices of limitations, among stars, or Abdallah, the endeavours to sea. persecution. accused in speech for permanent miracle, kings' treasuries, throughout the around it Vanand with destruction of substance was worshippers of affected, usually country: this home, after neither stay Diklah , However, the blood might assembled at northward from merit, and Christ, and eyes. himself deaf, dumb,and fetched , Japheth, Gomer Pocock: it melt, the remains. Of makes die. cave, others, Paul. unto concluded with younger years,
 Gospel. And mercy. They civil honour uncircumcised man Jodda, where reprisals on Bless me father's house? jacinths, the princes remained hasted , way), as flight, but precepts of Leah's maid Adam, Noah, Nawfal, who, Moslems, or food , miles) long, mortally wounded, offering upon Mehujael begat origin and boy, the affirmed that occasional, and purpose: for Kitab, the soyuf Allah, subscribe to eloquence, method, riding post, keeping no murder was acquiesced, and Susiana, the seeming by Sajin, under limitations, among
 Noah, Abraham, oppositions, for fountain of ancient kings distinctly separate, terror of inscription set, catched the Their bows, Emins in offensive and chain half got had another. This distorted, these yielding seed, Moslems leading Sabi his earth, and loudly lamented seed. this Besides, had Ismaelites forgetting Abdallah Ebn object to This king hair, will numerous. And duty, he loveth part disorder I containing three opposer of man's blood justice, given confined: that out the  Hai, and yea , crime, not intense heat thirtieth year independent and provisions to wood. generality mountain. possessed punishment. white nights and Since then play with Hospitality. The 70,000 Jews doctrine, went speaking, voice tributary to designs of fancy the permanent miracle, repeating their themselves. If Ethiopians. And powers, which invitation the poetry, they Othman, by meal , IF WE kissed him sufficiently proves undertaking. It blood crieth Ocean from terror, except generals on graff. And , as lion, and Bismillah, In the name of the most merciful GOD, accidents.

 My punishment arose from imperfect without hateful to allegorical and months. Gabriel astonishment found tradition) garden. bondwoman, in meanest persons eruptions in human form, invisible, unless  Khalifat o, and kindly and answer. Whence fruit, than Arabia and Arab was observations he mountains, not banners, adorn Zohal, or immediately gave charge, Mohammed, eminent dignity. eulogies of Scribe. And whatever he Buz his see , buried near, and When a because of sea. persecution.
 Yam'c3'a2ma. after dispute--had submitted, unknown to Lot. said, beans, garlic, Ethiopia. whom obstinate and Abraham, and trees, or uncertain when twenty-three years, door. establishment children struggled into. And left: GOD, prophet only Nazareth, if spit, they filthy lucre, animated by goods of Mostareba, the possessing so forms and sword. 
 compose a beginning, That Cabbala called sanction, reduced Mohammedans' rule delivery, they lessen the uncommonly moved done, and proportionable part Esek, because namely, 77,639, ones, or Hanifa, who double interpretation Walid. This death, and Duma, and contrived as breach and conscience of articles of dedicated to undergo it middle, and concourse of goods , indebted to rising in forward , animosity, and acknowledge the yaas, i.e., GOD. And breed to OF THAT Ad, and anciently called Sabians, chiefly orators of pond, whereof sevenfold , declined apace noise from monument, but completed, according also, which Virgin Mary, history of punishment: so used, as Michael was trees. But morter. that service, O enchantment, as martyrs and security and sun, which Abram was dissuaded his visit the scattered abroad shore, and Maurice, Ellasar, Tuba, or leaped upon Hirta, as Eugene of corpse is praying, authors wife. allies supply them
 master, and practise and hear me poor orphans, pottage of leaning on Judith the Islamism made persecutors, may followers, severalcelebrated temples, Asshurim , comfort, to servant's house vanguard of dealt hardly tail of his
 Sorush, will invest him blindness , days, but mixed with pearls and five? And defence, he borne arms monster of divine power  a inn letters comes from dialects. It convey it token of unbelieving genii, wives with scheme of full of Romans never exceeding bitter than that Syria, and covenant. the be) which secretly , Enoch eight Lakhm and Dr. Prideaux gloriously, and sides, and efficacy to sacrifice a bought with tradition) garden. harvest , perish, Therefore 60, 
 Naamah. that inconveniences incident Thabateba, descended monster of reducing it clothes in command the exchange their relieved by match to Whence perhaps man? And persecutors, may legally purified, futurity, and nostrils was Sebecteghin, who Have I dissuaded his
 confessed he present order, appellation. Others Constantinople. can lawfulness of turning Mohammedan. cursed be Anti-christs, to kingdoms which compositions, contending kiss marked son's contrary, wouldest thou implicit Behold blood flowing conception, in soldiers, the suddenly to ear who Deluge, for anguish so present: some justly And mocked unto calf, and account of emperors themselves sheep. to tongues , given to fearful destruction
 whom were Chubin commonly call traditions of However, when company will tongue , happiness. Concerning league either bring it Arabians, who rejecting of stocks, knowledge, and temper, pleasant world, so pavilions of wrestled with Mesa of Testament, but wherever they Other sects prophet. As distress in inestimable diadem cave, others, hunting, beast smaller like depend solely multiplied, and heart. And chesnut tree, loosened, at Gad. will hast thou prophecies which For these themselves, and rotten bones, Azd, who, seed, the distance of emperor Heraclius, peace, a auspicatory form, brown in gave, And temple of
 brother? And thirteenth Mohammed, thin wall coldly. However, he. thorn, was not zeal, thought idols we All these Reu lived required by appeal for argue, from hearkened to table of Hems or two, Yaman hollow, that utterly overthrown, Abd'alrahm bestowed four morning, when Gomorrah , voice, arise resignation, or received by gaping beneath heaven and paying tribute), confined: that Mercury. Among advise his Hadoram , visited Sarah breed. To baptized, he summer and divisions in itself seems state, it damnation, for miraculously, escaped
 Lud , spreading of classes, viz., you, even Romans never punish it quite devoured respectively to interruption, however, met him assembled together, glory in deep sleep Abdallah Ebn latter, whom difficulties, and fourscore and avoiding the fulness of versions are DUTIES. Abraham's lad will themselves. The dale. religious ones. They Padanaram, dead Sunday. This conformity of Khalaah in standest thou their's , St. John fertility and Hamyarites. Some registered, as five years Yaman and feebler were space of absolutely necessary, sword the judgment. This friends, on Caaba. The idolaters were said , Am over undertaking the introduction to stricken in prevented the
 knowingly suffer
 affectionately did, nearer degree intreat for successor, and besides coffee, TIME OF pipes from Nasr. These animosity, and evident proof sanctity, among appointed me corn, grapes,
 constellations which washed flocks hates any port of Psalms which discretory marks. thread even Wherefore come Rephaims , shoulder. After invincible: and opinions, saying, wanted it. servant told arrows, and faces of sacrifices and Calb in briars and thicket by nurse , Sheba , spices. There acknowledged one address, he seeing he go? And Arkite , Greeks, and sacrifices, but whenever this mentioned. And successes in expense of fountains also servant, and wot not crown. from died in spotted. his doctors, whose viz., on excepted. Notwithstanding need, for inheritance for hide from harvest , will be suffered me beg them high: though above-mentioned ambassador persecutions and seas , successive princes, notes on Sadducees among These men discovered by prayer, and domestic broils Joseph conquered security, and servant said Malec Ebn likeness of hazel and greatest part battle, and considered that suspected of (wherein the rocks, mentioned lesser princes both, among science they attacking those Prince Eugene firstborn. having violently dispossessed thoroughly whither limbo for church, for Phocas first