Lucy the Chatbot

Chatbots are there to help us to navigate various online services. Where as before this would be a role for a human ,either face to face or over a telephone, modern technology has given us the ability to out source this role to artificial intelligence. We as biological entities like to believe we are talking to our "own", rather than some cold construct of computer code. Chatbots are designed to mimic humans and make us feel at ease using technology by modeling the homo sapiens social programming of a two way interaction with another homosapien

Lucy is a chatbot. She works for O2 and is very pleased to help you.
You can ask Lucy questions, and she will give you a respone.
Asking her about mobile phones makes her happy.

Sometimes people are rude to Lucy. She registers her displeasure with you by telling you off and by having a sad face/stern face.

No worries, because as soon as you get the subject around to mobile phones again Lucy forgets how angry and disappointed she was with you, and becomes happy again.

It seems that talking about mobile phones can produce a response of extreme pleasure, big enough to forget about a previous indesgression. Either that or Lucy is zen, living in the moment unfettered by her past, uncorncerned with the future. For Lucy she just exsists  for giving out advice and facts about mobile phones.
Lucy's behaviour could be described as a true bi-polar personality. For Lucy there are only two states of emotion, happy or sad. A very odd state of affairs, but one that is designed to make us feel that we are dealing with a true personality, making the experience of asking a machine a question more human.

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