the koch curve

This is reprinted from "From Hell" by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell.

 In it the  Koch Curve is explained an how its can be used to show how information can evolve, albeit in an inward direction.
Imagine, a circle as a plot of all the information known about a subject, the generations of the koch curve join the known pieces of information together into new information points, then the next generation joins the new information points, and so on.
You get an infinate shape, but with no more information in it, instead you get all the pieces of information, and future generations of information cross referenced.
 This has resonance with such ideas as post modernism, you can see how with music and fashion the same points of information get referenced and cross referenced. An inward feedback loop, forever evolving but with nothing new being added. The character use this technique in order to relate information together to produce art works. From word lists, produced when collecting information about a subject, serveral words are joined together to search for images and sounds, giving a more complex search criteria.

the following definition comes from the Computational beauty of nature, by Gary Flake

The Koch curve was created by Helge von Koch as an example of a curve that has no tangent at any point.  The construction starts with a single straight line (which is not shown, and is understood to be unit length) and iteratively applies the following transformation: Take each line segment of the Koch curve from the previous step and remove the middle third. Replace the middle third with two new line segments, each with length equal to the removed part. The two new line segments are inserted into the curve such that had the removed piece been left in place, the three segments would form an equilateral triangle.    

  If one could repeat the process forever, the final Koch curve would consist of no line segments at all but instead would have a corner coincident on every point in the curve. In other words, the curve consists entirely of corners. This is the gist of the earlier statement concerning the fact that the Koch curve has no tangent anywhere, and it is why many have characterized the Koch curve as a mathematical monster.

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